There is nothing important more than good health. We are living in a world where everyone wants to eat junk as it requires less time to prepare and eat. This habit creates chaos in our body and it’s very important to start eating healthy food that is full of nutrition.

Juices can be a very good source and for that, you will also need the best equipment. We are providing you with a list of some of the best apple juicers or basically a juicer for the fruits. If your body is not fit, there will be multiple diseases and the increasing pollution will just add more bad to your health.

There are many types of juicers that are available in the market, for example, centrifugal, masticating, etc. Each juicer serves a separate purpose and to clear up all your confusion, this article is basically a detailed review of 10 best juicers, especially for fruits like apple.

10 Best Apple Juicers: An Extensive Review

Having the best equipment is very necessary when you decide to yield the juice by yourself. This is where you can’t compromise on the quality thinking that it’s just a juice.

If the nutrients are not intact, then the juicer will serve no purpose and it’d be better if you just eat the fruits as a whole.

Keeping this in mind, check out this comparison table for 10 best apple juicers if you are in a hurry:

ImageNameRatingWhere to Buy
Best Apple JuicersBreville BJE200XL Compact Juicer5/5
Best Apple JuicersHamilton Beach Juice Extractor4.4/5
Best Apple JuicersJamba 66430 Citrus Juicer2.9/5
Best Apple JuicersBreville JE98XL Juicer4.9/5
Best Apple JuicersBreville 800JEXL Juicer4.7/5
Best Apple JuicersCuisinart CJE-1000 Juicer4.2/5
Best Apple JuicersAicok Energy Efficient Juicer4.3/5
Best Apple JuicersHamilton 67850 Big Mouth Juicer3.9/5
Best Apple JuicersThe Original Healthy Juicer3.2/5
Best Apple JuicersFochea 400-watt Juicer3.7/5

1. Breville BJE200XL Compact Juicer

Best Apple Juicers


This is the company that you will see multiple times in this review. The quality and worth of your money that Breville offers is just incomparable to any other competitor.

If you are in the market looking for a juicer that suits best for your usage scenario, BJE200XL is definitely one of the best apple juicers or any fruit juicer for that matter. This is a very compact juicer and you will be able to put it up on your countertop very easily.

The design and build quality are also very modern and long-lasting. Here are some of the features:

  • The motor that this juicer is equipped with is a 700-watt one. It is a powerful one where you will not need to cut fine pieces of the fruits.
  • The juicer comes with a vertical design and this quality makes it easy to operate.
  • The blades are placed in the center position where you also get a stabilizing knife.
  • The motor is very powerful and yields the juice at the speed of 14000 RPMs.
  • As it’s a centrifugal one, you may get some noise from it.


  • The biggest pro of this juicer is its compact design. You can easily carry it around.
  • The chute is very good-sized as it’s a 3-inch wide. The juicer can easily intake the whole fruits without any difficulty. You will not have to give your time in chopping the pieces first.
  • The juicer is very affordable according to its functionality. It will not create any dent in your bank balance.
  • The build quality of the juicer is also very sturdy and is built of a combination of high-quality plastic and stainless steel.
  • The vertical design of the juicer makes it very easy to operate and provide it the product to yield.
  • The biggest con is that the juicer comes with only one setting and speed.
  • As it’s the centrifugal one, you may get a bit of loud noise while yielding.

2. Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor

Best Apple Juicers


This juicer falls right in the affordable category where you get the best functionality in minimal pricing. The juicer is a very highly rated one with the features that are the best functioning when it comes to the practicality of the juicer. The best apple juicers are the ones that comes at a good cost.

When you decided to consume healthy food, be it in the form of juice or cooking healthy supplies, if you are not taking proper care of the nutrients, then there is no point. You must note that the juicer you got is able to keep the nutrients intact, if it has some bad reviews, don’t go for it.

This juicer from Hamilton can be a very good option due to the following features:

  • The 800-watt motor is highly capable and the company claims that it can produce 24% higher yield from the competitors under the same price.
  • The chute is pretty wide where you will be able to easily enter the produce.
  • The design is the vertical type and there will be creaking of noise on forced entry.
  • The juicer is equipped with all the safety features where it will be saved from the overheating or power surge.


  • The juicer is highly practical where it gets dual-speeds. You can set according to the hardness and quality of the produce.
  • The juicer can also be unassembled in the way that you can easily put all the parts in the dishwasher. The cleaning is very easy and you will not have to waste any time daily doing the washing.
  • The container is also pretty big and you will be able to store around 40-ounce of the yield in one go.
  • You will get the juice in way less time and you will only have to give 1-2 minutes per yield.
  • The price of the juicer is also very aggressive. You can easily afford it without burning your pocket.
  • The con that is very evident and also very annoying is that the juicer vibrates a lot.
  • If you are trying to yield the juice from the veggies that are even a bit hard, the juicer struggles and you will need to chop them finely.

3. Jamba 66430 Citrus Juicer

Best Apple Juicers


This juicer is specifically designed for the citrus fruits. The juicer comes with the manual press where you can provide the force that you want to extract the juice.

This juicer may not be the best fit for the list of the best apple juicers but if you are willing to stay healthy, you will also need the juicers for the citrus fruits.

The build quality of the juicer is very sturdy and is totally constructed out of metal. There are multiple features that make this juicer a distinctive one, such as:

  • The handle of the juicer comes with a good grip handle.
  • The parts of the juicer are very easy to disassemble and the cleaning is also very easy which will not take much of your time.
  • The design of the juicer is very clean where you will get a modern design.
  • The package of the juicer includes a book as well that is filled with good juice recipes for you.


  • The best pro that comes with this juicer is the brand name. You will also be able to get the best after sales service that is a very important aspect of any product.
  • The design language of the juicer is very modern where you get the reamer constructed totally out of the stainless steel.
  • There are no extra parts that the juicer comes with and you will also get to clean it in an extremely easy way.
  • As the juicer is the manual one, you will also not have to worry about any overheating.
  • If your search specifically is for the citrus fruits, then this juicer is your best bet.
  • This juicer is strictly for fruits and you won’t be able to yield juice from any kind of vegetables.
  • In regard to its functionality, the juicer falls in a very premium segment.

4. Breville JE98XL Juicer

Best Apple Juicers

This juicer is a bit heavy and you won’t be able to move it from one place to another in an easy manner. When it comes to drinking juice, if you are not doing it the right way, then there is no point in getting all the fruits that don’t come cheap.

The juice is no doubt the best source of instant energy as it’s filled with nutrition and fibers. However, if you are not careful in choosing the equipment then the juicer will destroy all the nutrients in the process of extracting the juice.

This Breville juicer is the best choice for you to get the nutrition-rich juice because of the following features:

  • The insert chute is very wide where you will be able to easily insert the fruits. The diameter of the chute is 3-inch.
  • The juicer is equipped with a dual-motor of 850-watts.
  • Breville has its patented technology called NutriDisc that helps in making the juice nutrition-rich.
  • The container of this juicer is of 1-liter that is sufficient for 2-3 people.
  • There is also an LED indicator that tells you if the juicer is overload.
  • The juicer is also equipped with a locking mechanism. It will not start until all the parts are perfectly assembled.


  • The motor is very high-powered and it will go up to 12000 RPMs. You will get the fresh juice in absolutely no time.
  • The extra features like overload indication, locking feature, etc. make it one of the best apple juicers.
  • The design of the juicer is very modern and it can easily get blended with your interior.
  • There are two settings available on which you can operate the juicer according to the quality of the product.
  • The juicer comes with a warranty of 1 year on the parts and 10 years on the motor.
  • There is one evident con that comes with this juicer is that sometimes, it leaves the froth in the juice.
  • It may not be a con to you but the juicer is on a heavier side which makes it very difficult to move around.

5. Breville 800JEXL Juicer

Best Apple Juicers

The juicer has all the qualities of a centrifugal juicer where you get the best motor to extract the juice from any fruit. You may have seen every other juicer in this review from Breville and by that, you can guess the trust and reputation of the company in the field of juicers.

These juicers are not the only tool to extract juice but these are also the grinder for the nuts and the whipper for the soy milk. Here are some of the features you will need to know before purchasing:

  • The motor of the juicer is a very powerful one of 1000-watt and can go up to 13000 RPMs.
  • The feeding chute is pretty wide where you can easily insert the chute.
  • The juice container of the juicer is of the 1.1 qt and the pulp container is 3.2 qt.
  • The metal construction of the juicer is very sturdy where it is going to last for long years.
  • The chute is of the vertical type where you will easily insert the product and there will be no creaking noise on any force.


  • One of the best thing about this juicer is that it is very simple and easy to clean.
  • The high-speed of the motor leaves nothing and extracts every drop of juice from the fruit.
  • The stainless steel used in the construction and body of the juicer makes it very long-lasting and durable.
  • The capacity of the jug that will contain the juice and the pulp is also pretty big and you can get juice for at least 3-4 people in one go.
  • The product comes with a long warranty period making it perfect for those who are going to use it daily.
  •  If you are trying to yield juice from the leafy vegetables, you will need to finely chop them first otherwise it will get stuck.

6. Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juicer

Best Apple Juicers


When it comes to healthy juice, it is very important that you invest in premium equipment for you. Consuming juice is not going to be the only thing that will keep you fit. There are many juicers that come at a very low price point and they guarantee the best juice in their catalog.

These juicers tend to fail miserably when it comes to performance and your purchase goes down in the drain. Even if the yield is good, these juicers make such a loud noise that it just becomes impossible to operate them.

This juicer from Cuisinart is a bit different from the lot and its features are:

  • The juicer comes with a dial, equipped with an LED to indicate the position. You can set the speed according to the produce.
  • The package comes included with a brush that will help in the easy cleaning of the juicer.
  • The container for the pulp is significantly bigger with a capacity of 2-liter. It will allow you to not clean it after every use.
  • The build quality is very sturdy and the juicer looks much premium.


  • The pro that ensures this juicer’s position on the list of best apple juicers is its speed.
  • Cuisinart CJE-1000 can easily turn fruit into the juice in a matter of seconds.
  • There is also a foam filter installed on the juicer that will help in getting rid of as much foam as possible.
  • This juicer comes with a warranty period of 3 years so if you are going to use it daily, this one is definitely suited to you.
  • The juicer gets disassembled in a very easy way and more importantly, all the parts are dishwasher friendly.
  • The stainless steel used in the construction of the juicer makes it much more durable.
  • Considering its limited functionality, this juicer falls in a very premium segment. There are many other juicers offered by the competitors at a much lesser price.
  • You must also note that this juicer is not for leafy vegetables. This juicer is best for hard vegetables and especially, fruits.

7. Aicok Energy Efficient Juicer

Best Apple Juicers


One of the favorite juicers of the veterans and also the beginners can get it at a very low cost. This juicer is built in a much sturdy way and it fits perfectly on all the points of a good juicer. Aicok is the company that is dealing with the juicers for a long time and has the experience to build a juicer that fits everyone’s usage.

However, there are some problems and we will discuss them in the latter part of the review. This juicer comes with a good set of features where you can surely consider it as one of the best apple juicers available for you.

Here are some of the features:

  • The vertical design of the juicer makes it very easy to use.
  • There will be no nose-dive or creaking on forced insertion.
  • The motor is also of good enough power at 400-watt where you can easily yield the juice.
  • There are two-speed settings on which you can operate the juicer, a low and a high. In these two settings, you will be further able to adjust the settings.
  • The feeding chute is also very wide where you will get to insert the fruits on their whole.


  • The plastic used in the juicer is the BPA-free. The construction is done of a material that looks like stainless steel and provides it a very premium look.
  • The chute is enormously wide with a diameter of 5-inch. It can easily get all the fruits without chopping them.
  • The price of the juicer is very aggressive and it can be your best option to use for normal use.
  • As it comes with a motor of only 400-watt, this juicer is also a power-efficient one.
  • The juicer comes with a safety feature of overheating and it auto cuts as soon as it’s detected.
  • Though the chute is much bigger, if you are extracting juice from a hard vegetable, you will need to chop it down to little pieces.
  • Even the motor is not very high-power, it tends to overheat very quickly.

8. Hamilton 67850 Big Mouth Juicer

Best Apple Juicers

Yes, a juicer from Hamilton again. This juicer can’t be missed out when we are talking about the juicers for fruits. This juicer can be the best bet if your only concern is to consume juice from fruits.

This juicer can easily extract the juice from fruits like apple, banana, etc. along with all the citrus fruits. The motor is also of above-average power at 850-watts where it can yield juice from hard veggies and fruits but is said to be the best performer for the soft fruits.

Here are some features of this one of the best apple juicers mentioned below:

  • The plastic used in all the parts where food will be in contact with is BPA-free. It will not let harmful chemicals get mixed in your juice.
  • The nutrients in the fruits are in the liquid form and this juicer turns out to be the best in extracting them very easily.
  • The chute of the juicer is also wide and you will be able to put whole fruits through.
  • The juice container on this machine is also big and has a size of 20-oz.


  • A lot of your time will be easily saved as you won’t have to cut the fruits/veggies into small pieces.
  • If you are specifically looking for the juicer that yields the best from the soft fruits or vegetables, you can trust us to buy this one. You will face no regrets.
  • This juicer comes with a long warranty period of 3 years. This period is said long in regard to its low pricing.
  • In case of any damage, the replacement parts are not very expensive and it will not be an extra burden on your bank account.
  • The pulp container is also pretty big and you will not need to clean it after every time of use.
  • The juicer’s filter is not very easy to clean and it will take a bit of your extra time.
  • If you are planning to use it regularly, this one is not that durable.

9. The Original Healthy Juicer

Best Apple Juicers


Not everyone is yet shifted to the electric juicers and there are still some people who believe in having the manual control of it. This juicer is a very cheap one and you will get the fresh juice anytime you want.

As this one is not electric, you will also not get loud irritating noise. This juicer could not be best suited in the specific category of best apple juicers but it’s definitely a good choice for the soft fruits and vegetables. Here are some features of this juicer:

  • You will be able to get the juice at the speed that is good for the produce.
  • The focus of this juicer is more on yielding the juice from the green veggies but you will also be able to yield a good amount of juice from the fruits.
  • The build quality of this juicer is also much premium and you will be able to use it for many years.
  • The design of this juicer is very compact and you can install it all by yourself.


  • It is easily affordable and get fresh juice whenever you want.
  • You can also yield the juice from hard vegetables and fruits. As these will need extraction at a slow speed to keep the nutrients intact, you can do it as it goes as low as 76 RPMs.
  • The juicer is very light and you can easily move it around.
  • It’s a bit time taking process where yielding a glass of juice may take up to 10-15 minutes.
  • You will find it a bit difficult to extract juice from fruits but if you are on a tight budget, you can definitely consider it.

10. Fochea 400-watt Juicer

Best Apple Juicers

This juicer is a very affordable one where you can’t actually compare it with the other ones. This juicer from Fochea will be packaged with a cleaning brush and an instruction manual.

Fochea 400-watt juicer is a very good option if you are a beginner and don’t want to get a very premium juicer.


  • The juicer is very affordable considering the motor power of 400-watt.
  • The chute is 65 mm wide and fruits can easily be fed to it.
  • You will also be able to set the speeds according to the product.
  • There are multiple users who have reported that the lid gets cracked very easily.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Apple Juicers

When you are in the market searching for one of the best apple juicers, it is very important that you must have made a decision on your requirements. The best juicer is a myth and you will need to get one that fulfills your requirement.

Here are some factors you need to consider.


This is the most important factor where you will have to decide on what specifically you are going to use it for. There are juicers that will yield better juice from fruits, then there are some that are better with the vegetables.

For example, if you are getting a juicer for fruits like apple, orange, etc., the juicer for you is the centrifugal one. If you are planning for vegetable juices, you will need a masticating juicer.


It’s obvious that there will be a plethora of juicers that you will see on any online portal. One thing you must note that you should not get lured by the low price.

There is mostly the case with the lower priced ones that these are the ones that look good on paper but when it comes to performance, these turn out to be just pathetic.


When you get a juicer, one of the most important factors is the cleaning aspect. When you planned to use the juicer on a daily basis, if it doesn’t sport a good cleaning process, it will be an extra burden on your busy life.

A good juicer is the one that can easily disassemble into the parts that are dishwasher friendly. On the list of the best apple juicers, we focused on this quality of every juicer.


It’s the case with almost all the juicers that they tend to produce a loud noise while yielding the juice. Some of the premium juicers are very advanced and the manufacturers are able to control the noise to a very extent but still, the centrifugal juicers create a very loud noise.

These juicers work on very high RPMs and it forces the motor to produce a loud noise. So, you should consider this factor as the most important because if it produces a loud noise, you won’t be able to use anytime, especially at night.

Frequency of use

When you decided to get a juicer, you must have thought about how are you going to use it. If you are going to use it daily or twice daily, it’s very important the juicer you opted for comes with a big warranty.

If you choose the juicer that comes with a lesser price just because of the small warranty period, you must not get this one. Invest in a juicer that comes with a good warranty period to be on a safer side.

Wrapping it up with our quick recommendation…

Eating a healthy diet is not a very cheap business these days. Everyone should focus on eating as much as healthy possible. The best way to consume good nutrients is through fruit or vegetable juices. This review is prepared primarily for the beginners but there are some juicers added in the list that are suitable for everyone.

On our list of recommendations, there are two juicers; first is Breville JE98XL Fountain Juicer which is one of the best apple juicers you can get. This is the centrifugal type where the container capacity is 1-liter.

The other one is also from Breville, the model number is BJE200XL Compact Juicer. This juicer is lightweight and the main feature of this juicer is that its pulp collection technique is the best-in-class. We hope that this review could have been a little help in deciding the juicer for yourself.

Some FAQs

Are juices better than consuming whole fruits?

No, if you talk about nutrients, juices are the one that lacks fiber than the whole fruit.

Why water shouldn’t be added in the juices?

Water washes away the nutrients and you must note that you are preparing a juice, not a smoothie. Adding water to the juice will bring down its nutrition significantly.

Why are centrifugal juicers better for fruits?

These juicers are capable of yielding liquid from fruits like orange, apple, etc.

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